programmers still in high demand

Are Programmers Still In High Demand?

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Job Prospect For Programmers Still In High Demand In Indonesia?!

Are programmers still in high demand? Indonesia has risen to the forefront of Southeast Asia’s digital economy. Forecasted by Google and Temasek to reach USD$100 billion in market value by 2025. This rapid growth brings a significant shift in the country’s job landscape, with technology based professions taking the lead. The demand for IT workers, specifically programmers, continues to skyrocket. Those pursuing this career path will undoubtedly encounter many promising job prospects, but there are no shortcuts to achieving success in the technology sector.

Inevitably, becoming a skilled programmer requires fluency in topics such as algorithms, problem solving, mathematics and programming languages (such as Java, PHP, and JavaScript). There are plenty of ways to fine tune and boost these skills but which works best?

Elevate Your Programming Skills

At G2Academy, our Full-stack Bootcamp Web & Mobile Development Bootcamp is the perfect fit for aspiring programmers. This 4-month journey covers a range of in-depth concepts leveraged to help you excel in today’s digital transformation era.

This includes data structures, object oriented programming, building websites (front-end and back-end), mobile applications (iOS plus Android) and many more. You will learn best practices with a curriculum tailored to industry needs, project-based training and work placement opportunities in some of the biggest companies in Indonesia.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started here.





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