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Bridging the Gap in Indonesia’s Tech Talent Shortage

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Race to Find Skilled Indonesia’s Tech Talents

Indonesia is racing to find skilled tech talent as the nation’s digital economy skyrockets to new heights! This booming industry has sparked a demand surge for IT professionals, even surpassing the current supply of talent pool available. According to The World Bank, there is a projected shortage of 9 million skilled and semi-skilled ICT workers between 2015-2030 in Indonesia. 

These numbers are not surprising considering the country has over 2,000 digital start-ups and six unicorns, with at least ten more unicorns arising by 2030. Most of which are usually endorsed by a blend of accelerator/incubator schemes, co-working spaces, and venture capital investors. Consequently, companies are in a race to find quick and efficient solutions for the overwhelming tech talent shortage looming over them.

Encouraging IT skill development through higher-education is a solid step forward as it provides an extensive insight into fundamental theoretical concepts of the industry. But it would be remiss to not leverage other options such as specialized training programs. Why? Mainly because it invokes an intensive curriculum that brings results within a shorter amount of time.

Creating World-Class Technology Talents

G2Academy is one such institution known to provide specialized programs aimed at upgrading your geek potential. We were established with the intention of supporting Indonesia’s tech talent and it’s rapid technology revolution by striving to create a zero technology gap digital society. 

How does it work? We elevate aspiring professionals by advancing technology education, integrating talent pipelines, and facilitating corporate projects. More specifically, programs tailored to explore the dynamic aspects of computer science, data engineering, data science, web and mobile development and many more to come. Underpinning this, G2Academy also holds an extensive alliance network to help students with job opportunities after graduation. 

An All-In-One Solution

From a broader standpoint, G2Academy is also committed to helping businesses, government, education institutes, foundations and communities with end-to-end digital transformation services. This includes high-impact corporate training, hiring partner, work placement, technology solutions, technology products and technology architectures.

Overall, Indonesia is at a crucial turning point. In order to keep up with the digital momentum, initiatives are needed to bridge that steep gap between Indoensia’s supply and demand of tech talents. At G2Academy, we hope to help shape future generations of tech talents with the programs and other services that we offer. 





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